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It will be my pleasure to guide and support you while navigating through the ups and downs of your life’s journey.


Astrology serves as a powerful transformative tool to foster a deeper relationship with yourself and the world you inhabit. By tapping into its archetypal language, Astrology can provide invaluable insight into the underlying motives driving your life’s direction. By coming to understand these influences, you can more effectively align yourself with them. This in turn, facilitates a better connection between your authentic self and your true life purpose.

But it doesn’t stop there. Astrology is in fact, a multi-facetted discipline that can be applied in many ways. The timing of events and activities is one common method. In my readings we will always spend time looking at what is coming your way within a set period of time. This technique can also be applied to past or future events as well.

Another effective area in Astrology is the understanding of relationship dynamics between, friends, family members, co-workers, love based partnerships or virtually any other type of relationship. In this type of reading I will first discuss each individual chart and how it effects the other person and in what key areas of focus. Then I will look into the combined chart of the relationship called a ‘composite chart’. In order to identify the nature of the relationship itself. As with a personal chart reading it gives insight into the true nature of a relationship and how to best work within it effectively.


Evolutionary Astrology


” Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot: seek the path that demands your whole being. Leave that which is not, but appears to be; seek which is, but is not apparent.”  –Rumi


Evolutionary Astrology is a modern form of Astrology pioneered by  Jeffrey Wolf Green. It employs the position of Pluto and the moon’s nodes  to unlock your soul’s pathway. This approach comes from the vantage point that our souls are on a constantly evolving path towards wholeness and the challenges we are faced with in life are in an ever unfolding relationship with our early childhood and past life experiences. In other words it reveals our evolution from our soul’s perspective.

Planet Pluto depicted in spaceAdding further depth to this compelling approach, is the use of the ‘Uranus trauma signature’ which was developed by astrologer Mark Jones.  We all have a level of deep trauma somewhere in our inheritance. The Uranus placement will add rich levels of additional understanding to your story.

Your birth chart provides deep and insightful information unique to you alone. In the reading we will explore your karmic past and its unresolved issues (repeating patterns), as well as offer insights and guidance to help resolve the barriers presented. We will also look into the gifts and abilities available to you from your past inheritance that can assist in creating a life that truly reflects your soul’s deepest desires.

In summary, the purpose of Evolutionary astrology is to bring into the light of your conscious awareness the past, present and future of your soul’s journey.  It delves deep by nature and is both revealing and healing at the same time. One is never the same after coming to understand one’s soul path and purpose through the methodology of Evolutionary Astrology.


Energy Healing: (in person)

Is a term that that refers to various forms of light transference into your being for the purposes of refining and elevating your vibrational rate.

From an energetic standpoint, emotions, and mental attitudes that are not fully integrated from your life experiences will continue to hold space in your body at the cellular level. Over time if not processed these denser energies will weigh down your being. Eventually symptoms of dis-ease follow. Your natural connection to your divine self, your joy, passion, and authenticity become harder to access.

A transmission of divine light releases what no longer serves and fills your cells with higher vibrating frequencies of energy. As the lower the lower vibrating frequencies are lifted a ‘lighter’ more soulful connection to self ensues. Health and well being follow. Benefits include:

  • a greater sense of balance and well being
  • improvement of physical symptoms due to the release of the ‘pain body’ debris
  • increased sense of connection to higher forces, soulful essence and multidimensional realities

Treatment experiences can vary from person to person and from time to time, ranging from subtle to intense.

Changes can continue for 24-48 hours after the treatment. Occasionally old issues may surface temporarily into your awareness as they as being fully released out of the cells in your body.


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Soulsong Astrology Newsletter!

I'd love to keep you updated with the latest astrological news!

We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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