About Gwenyth

Astrology has been a close friend and companion of mine for well over forty years.

My journey with it took shape while pursuing my fine arts degree. A friend and I discovered a shared interest in the subject and began taking classes from a local astrologer.  I was immediately drawn in by the rich complexity of the subject. In no time I was hooked.

It expanded my consciousness and opened my eyes to the vast potential that lay within this ancient practice. I couldn’t wait to delve deeper and soon found myself absorbed in creating hand-drawn charts late into the night.  Since then I have devoted countless hours to the study and the practice of this deep and rewarding subject.

I came to appreciate its power in fostering objectivity, compassion for one’s self and appreciation for the challenges others experience on their own journeys through life. Soon I started doing readings for others. My empathetic, healer persona began to take form. In time I would expand my back round with the knowledge and expertise that mental health nursing and later energy healing provided. Later courses in Evolutionary Astrology were also added to my knowledge base.

For those of you with some astrology back round, I have the Sun, Mercury, Midheaven, and Part of Fortune in the health and well being sign of Virgo. They all trine Chiron, the wounded healer. My other back round is:


  • Western and Evolutionary Astrology courses with extensive private study
  • Readings for the public for over 40 yrs
  • Presenter at the Victoria Astrology association
  • Author of “StarStruck” Astrology, Cherubim Press
  • Weekly Astrological segment on CMFI radio
  • SSI Wellness Center: Astrology readings and energy healing
  • Twisted Oak Wellness Center: Astrology readings and energy healing
  • Energy Healing: Pranic healing I&II,
  • Pellowah I&II,
  • Avesa Quantum Balancing I&II.
  • Registered Nursing: specializing in Community Mental Health
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors


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