Chiron Conjunct North Node in Aries

What’s happening in the heavens ?

We are currently entering a special time from later February until mid-March when transiting Chiron is conjuncting the Moon’s North Node. During this period, we may find that some deep wounds from our past resurface, providing us with an opportunity for healing and growth if pursued honestly and completely with the right attitude. As we navigate this journey, we can begin to understand the purpose and function of our wounds, and how they can ultimately make us stronger and more compassionate individuals.


Chiron, in mythology, was known as the patron of the healing arts. He was an immortal centaur who was wounded in battle, despite his immortality, could not heal himself from this deeply painful wound. Eventually he made the choice to give up his immortality and descend to Earth in search of his own healing. When he succeeded, in gratitude, he dedicated the rest of his life to healing others.

In astrology, Chiron represents the deepest wounded areas within our beings. By acknowledging and working through these wounds, eventually we can become powerful teachers and healers for ourselves and those around us.

The Moon’s Nodes

Currently, the Moon’s Nodes are moving through the signs of Aries and Libra. The Moon’s Nodes represent our karmic pathway through life. The North Node shows us the direction for our best soul growth at any given time, while the South Node represents what we no longer need and can release for further soul growth. For more information on the Nodes in Aries and Libra read my post:

Chiron and the North Node

Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, embodies the qualities of courage, leadership, and a pioneering spirit. 

digitization, transformation, womanWith Chiron currently in conjunction with the North Node in Aries, it is possible that situations may arise where things become unbalanced or scattered. Aggression or, conversely, a retreating attitude may follow. However, this is really an opportunity for personal growth, spiritual development, and greater self-love if navigated wisely.

As well as being active potentially on an individual level, major transits are active on a collective level as well. Expect themes supporting new approaches to old issues and favoring just causes and fair play to be in the news.

Chiron’s conjunction with the Moon’s North Node is a call from destiny to address our most painful areas and align ourselves with our deepest sense of purpose. With Libra on the South Node, it’s important to review and refine our relationship dynamics during this time. Striving for balance and fairness is crucial. Pluto’s energy adds something to the mix with its recent entry into Aquarius. This sign is focused on humanitarian causes.  Its supporting  the opportunity to develop a renewed and more evolved form of social awareness and social justice now.

As we navigate the challenges and opportunities presented to us, let us step forward with confidence, ready to learn, grow, and create a more authentic version of ourselves. There is much to be gained from this time of change and evolution. So embrace it.


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