Courage to communicate: Full moon in Sagittarius

Charting a course of clarity and growth

Welcome to the full moon in Sagittarius with its emphasis on the courage to communicate.  The full moon serves as the pinnacle of the monthly cycle, where the seeds planted at the new moon begin to bear fruit.  It’s a time to celebrate achievements made and also to identify areas where growth and change are still needed.

Sagittarius and Gemini, the zodiac signs involved, are concerned with ideas and communication and they are setting the theme now. Mars, is positioned prominently in this chart, adding its call-to-action mindset. Along with its inclination for conflict and self-interest.  Energies are running high. Emotions can flare up quickly so take a deep breathe and stand back before entering into any tense situations.


 Navigating challenges with Saturn’s Influence

Saturn, the planet of karma and accomplishment, also holds significant influence over this full moon. With its challenging aspects to the Sun, Moon, Mars and Ceres the dwarf planet. Resistance and emotional challenges may be close at hand. If this is the case for you, take heart, with hard work and dedication, Saturn offers the opportunity to clear the air through genuine, heartfelt communication that can truly serve you well.

This is a time for some honest reflection to determine what is truly working for you and what isn’t. Saturn is currently moving through  the sign of Pisces. It’s inherently at odds with Saturn’s pragmatic nature. Pisces, in its nebulous other-worldly way can bring about fear-based experiences when Saturn is in relationship to it. So be aware of  the smokescreen effect that this can have on your perceptions. Which can prevent the changes that serve you best now.


Relationship dynamics under Venus and Eris

Relationship dynamics are in the spotlight, with Venus currently opposing Eris, the goddess of chaos and discord. It is conjunct the South Node which is the release point for letting go of what no longer serves you. This emphasizes the need to express your truth and explore new terrain in your relationships. The limitations or resistances you may now have are really the potential building blocks for more meaningful and purposeful directions with others.

Seeking truth amidst confusion with Lilith’s gaze on Neptune and Mercury

Looking further into this intense energetic landscape, we find Lilith, the guardian of truth and authenticity, focused on Neptune with its tendency to confuse and over-idealize. Neptune is in a stressful aspect to Mercury, the planet that rules communication.  Seeking out truth from falsehoods is mandatory right now. Ensure clarity in your communication at all costs, not only for the present moment but also for the path ahead. When Lilith energy is present there really is no other way!  This is not the time to sweep issues under the carpet or neglect your own needs. Doing so may jeopardize your well-being. Is there a chance you’ve been avoiding expressing your true feelings to maintain harmony at any cost? Now is the moment to clear the air where and when necessary.

There is abundant helpful energy present at this time with many supportive aspects from the higher-octave planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  Whether you wish to call it intuition, contact with your higher self, or messages from guides, trust that these higher forces have an open channel with you now. And can help guide you to a fresh, perspective and a broader view of the world around you. Tap into this assistance as you navigate your way forward. Embrace the full potential of this full moon in Sagittarius and chart a course towards the clarity and growth you want and deserve!

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Is an evolutionary astrologer, energy healer and visual artist living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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