Lunar Eclipse : Oct. 28th


Scorpio’s Lunar Eclipse: Integration or Elimination


As October comes to its end we find ourselves nestling into  Scorpio’s season, framed by a Lunar Eclipse on Oct. 28. This time of the year is traditionally the time when the veils between the worlds are the thinest. Scorpio has something of a formidable reputation in Astrology. Partly because it deals with the mystery’s of the unseen world and delves deep to find what is hidden beneath the surface of things.

partial lunar eclipse in black and white
Partial Lunar Eclipse

Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to unearth certain truths however, to make lasting change this kind of honest delving may be required. This Lunar Eclipse is one of those times!

Lunar eclipses are full Moon events. The full Moon sheds its light on what is working and what is not in your life. While Eclipses intensify the energies present creating an impact that lasts for months to come. This Eclipse finds the Sun at five degrees Scorpio and the Moon at five degrees Taurus. If you have planets or angles at or near the fifth degree of a fixed sign this eclipse pattern will most certainly be felt by you!

With no less than seven oppositions present and with challenges from Pluto aspects, the charge is amped up even more.  So then what exactly does this powerful eclipse have in store for us?

The opposition aspect deals with opposing forces that are out of balance in some important way. They signal a need for integration or elimination in some form. This aspect pertains to our one-to-one relationships or challenges in our immediate environment. It counsels us to confront underlying issues hindering our growth and calls for a thoughtful, measured approach when acting on the findings.

Good to know then, that this eclipse provides significant focus and dedication to stick to your goals. Notably, Vesta, the asteroid of focus and dedication, has a host of benevolent aspects that provide ample commitment to your chosen line of action.

Jupiter figures large in the opposition dynamics

via a conjunction to the Moon and oppositions to Sun, Mercury and Mars.  Jupiter’s expansive presence amplifies the Moon’s emotional nature which can easily lead to exaggerated emotions and distorted perspectives. So if you feel the burn in any interactions try to step away for a while to gain a more balanced perspective. Objectivity is one of the gifts I find Astrology can provide an individual, as it has many times for me.

Pluto’s soulful influence adds pressure with challenging aspects to the Sun, Moon, and the Moon’s nodes.

Highlighting a need for healing and resolution that may be of a karmic nature for you. The South node in Libra asks us to let go of what no longer serves in our relationship dynamics, while the North node in Aries guides us towards a new sense of self and personal freedom.

Lastly, a seventh opposition

involves Venus (feelings, relations, beauty) and Lilith’s truth seeking integrity.  Both oppose Neptune, the planet of illusion, confusion as well as compassion and beauty. This opposition asks for the discernment of truth from fantasy at this time. It can also show us the beauty and love present in any healthy harmonious circumstance.

As October draws to a close, we enter the mysterious realm of Scorpio, a sign known for its enigmatic nature and relentless pursuit of truth.  In the Lunar Eclipse of Oct. 28 the opposition aspects present emphasize the need for balance, integration, or even compromise within our relations and/or immediate surroundings. Jupiter’s expansive energy, when in harmony, fuels personal growth and commitment to our chosen path. While Pluto’s influence highlights the need for healing and resolution, the opposition involving Venus, Lilith, and Neptune challenges us to discern truth from fantasy. Through introspection and objectivity provided by Astrology, we can navigate this powerful eclipse with grace, embracing the beauty and love that resonate within our lives.




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