The Moon’s Nodes move into Aries & Libra

 Jul. 17 2023- Jan. 12 2025       


New Pathways and Justice Revealed     


On July 18 2023 the transiting Moon’s nodes enter into the signs of Aries (north node) and Libra ( south node) where they will be for the next 18 months. The nodes are points on the ecliptic where the Sun and Moon cross paths.  They are always exactly opposite from each other and always move backwards through the zodiac.

Where ever the north node is located indicates where new growth and rapid evolutionary development is best directed.  Where ever the south node is located is the release point of old patterns that are no longer useful and are, in fact, holding back progress.

Aries new beginning lava flowRespectively, Aries and Libra are fire and air elements.  This nodal energy will be yang in nature, more external, more dynamic and more people oriented than the previous Taurus/Scorpio nodal transits we are completing in July.  Expect changes in these areas. Focus on these fronts both personally and collectively will be manifesting over the next year and a half.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Known for its courage and independence its the path finder of the zodiac. Where ever Aries is new beginnings will be in play. Aries has the courage to muster looking for the truth in any situation when called to do so.

Libra, its opposing sign, is concerned with justice, fair play, harmony and relationships in general ( one to one specifically). The south node is about releasing that which holds back the new growth asked by the north node in Aries. Examples on the personal level that may be up for review and release are areas of co-dependence, weak boundaries with others and people pleasing tendencies.Libra balancing woman

What ever houses hold Aries and Libra in your birth chart will be subject to some manner of changing circumstances over the next year and a half.

One point to note from July 18th until the end of the first week of August the Moon’s nodes and transiting Pluto will be in a challenging square aspect to each other. From an evolutionary perspective when Pluto squares the Moon’s nodes you can expect increased tension to surface and identify where major impediments to authentic progress are.  It is a time of core issue orientation. It is a good idea to pay attention to the areas stimulated at this time.


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