Neptune: Finding Harmony in the Formless

Neptune, the ruler of faith and fantasy is in a pivotal position as it nears the end of its journey through Pisces


 Neptune is offering us as a subtle yet powerfully transformational opportunity now. This planet may be in the far reaches of our solar system, but its impact is profound!

Like Uranus, Chiron, and the Kuiper Belt objects, Neptune connects us to higher dimensional forces. It offers us a connection to our higher selves as well as providing a link to other evolved energy sources beyond our own. Like the vast oceans it represents, Neptune’s energy is formless and primordial, requiring a surrender of the rational mind to the realm of intuition and inspiration.

Neptune rules faith based issues, inspirational ideas, creativity, fantasy, dreams as well as compassionate actions. It is also the realm of our collective unconsciousness; the place where all of us are forever linked.

Neptune is currently 29 degrees 55 minutes Pisces, the sign it also rules


As it reaches at 29 degrees 55 minutes Pisces for the first time, it finds itself at a critical juncture. Making this a pivotal moment of transformation.

It takes 188 years for Neptune to move through the Zodiac and has been in this sign for 11 years now. It will continue to move back and forth over the final three degrees of this sign until January 2026. Twenty-nine degrees Pisces is also the last degree of the Zodiac in western astrology. Neptune energy is on the brink of transforming to an entirely new level.

The last degree of a sign, known as the anoretic degree, represents a critical juncture or turning point.

It exposes the shadow side of the sign’s energies. What ever has not been fully integrated during its passage will come up for review. Neptune’s energy is pulling you towards your deepest shadows, urging you to complete unfinished business or the entire cycle will need to repeat. Like Pluto this degree can be crisis oriented and is transformational in intent.

Pisces/ Neptune Shadow traits are:

  • confusion, lack of clarity
  • lack of motivation, evasiveness
  • illusions, unrealistic plans and beliefs
  • addictions
  • isolation, withdrawal

This period of introspection will require a shift from rational thinking to intuitive guidance, as Neptune’s influence is not navigable by traditional means.

invoking Neptunian states of consciousness

Neptune Retrograde July 2 – Dec. 5

Most of us are familiar with Mercury Retrograde. Actually all planets except the Sun & Moon have retrograde periods. Retrograde energy is all about slowing down, reviewing your current intentions, finding out where the gaps are and then re-inventing as needed.

During Neptune retrograde, energies are internalized and you are encouraged to slow down and reconnect with your true intentions.

It challenges you to rely on your intuition, faith, and an open heart to navigate any uncertainties that may arise. As Neptune erodes false beliefs and structures, you may experience confusion and a lack of clarity at times, but ultimately, this retrograde can lead to a renewed faith in life and a deeper sense of compassion for others.

As Neptune approaches the end of its passage through Pisces and reaches the anoretic degree, you are on the brink of a significant transformation. The shadows of Pisces energy are being brought to light, urging you to re evaluate and complete  all that has been revealed to you during its long passage through this sign.

Neptune’s retrograde period invites you to slow down, look within, and rediscover your sense of faith,  inspiration and compassion. Embracing the formless energy of Neptune requires you to let go of rational thinking and surrender to the intuitive guidance that will lead you towards finding harmony within yourself.

Let us navigate this pivotal moment with open hearts and intuitive guidance as a valuable step into a higher state of consciousness as we prepare for the next phase of Neptune’s journey through the cosmos.


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