Pluto in Aquarius

March 23 2023 – June 11 2023 
Jan 20 2023 – Sep 1 2024 
Nov. 19 2024 – Jan 19 2044


A Dramatic New Era for Planet Earth


On March 23rd of this year 2023, Pluto started is twenty year plus journey through the sign of Aquarius. Something it does only every 238 years!  So this has got to be important. I guarantee you!

Although it initially stays there only until June 11th when it retrogrades back into Capricorn for a few months, we are in the beginning of what will become  one of the significant energy shifts into the new age. Like the social turbulence of the 60s and 70s and the end date of the Mayan calendar’s 26,000 year cycle in 2012, Pluto moving through the sign of Aquarius will be a powerful turning point for humanity in these transitional times.

Pluto in Aquarius egg cracking open a new earthPluto governs the life and death cycle that all living forms are subject to. Its nature is deep and inexhaustible, its power is transformative, its course is inevitable. Pluto transforms everything it touches whether its a transit connected to your birth chart or for much needed change on the global front.  I can a sure you where ever Pluto is, evolutionary change is earmarked to follow.

What about the sign of Aquarius?  How does that fit in? This sign is progressive, future oriented and humanitarian by nature. Along with its social mindset Aquarius also governs technology.

This sign is known as the rule breaker of the zodiac. It is both radical and unpredictable. Its revolutionary nature functions to break down old structures and to initiate the new ones.

It is worth noting that the last time Pluto was in Aquarius ( 1777-1798) both the French and American Revolutions transpired. It was a most turbulent time yet a turning point in thought and action that  laid down the foundations for our modern era on the social front.

Pluto’s transit through this sign will guarantee ground breaking changes on the world stage in such fields as AI technology, genetics, and pollution control along with such social issues like homelessness, poverty and addictions. Much needed new understandings and approaches are coming.

But first Pluto, true to form, must break down and clean up that which blocks progress. All that no longer serves before reconstruction can begin. We are of course, in the earliest of days of this planetary passage. It will be transiting back into Capricorn twice more ( Jun 11/23-Jan 20/24 and Sep 1/24- Nov 19/24) to first finish up its work there.

Pluto’s work is deep and intentional by nature. Its movement is intense, impersonal and inevitable. Pluto changes can not be resisted. Like the saying, you can not push the river or rush the harvest, Pluto changes can not be hurried along or redirected. The more barriers that are put up to resist or manipulate outcomes, the more tensions will follow with negative and potentially explosive consequences.

On a personal note what ever house Aquarius is located in your chart you can expect a similar process to be occurring.

Currently we are in the earliest stages of this new era with over twenty years of its passage to come. Therefore it is difficult to see the changes at first but you can feel them if your sensitivities work that way. That is, it can be felt in a deeply subterranean kind of way. Exciting times indeed!


Blessings from Soulsong Astrology


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