Pluto Squares the Moon’s Nodes


July 22 2023 – Aug 5 2023


Summer Transformations


Right in the heart of this summer and shortly after the Moon’s nodes move into Aries and Libra, Pluto and the nodes will be in a challenging square aspect to each other. Pluto represents the deep undercurrents in life and from an evolutionary astrology perspective when it squares the nodes you may experience increased tensions. This time facilitates review of some of the core orientations in your life.

Astrology time clockAdditionally, at the time of the exact alignment the Sun will be adding its energy and illumination to this configuration. It is linked by what is known as a cardinal grand cross which further charges the situation. It is a good time to identify areas for growth and development as well as focusing on creating a fresh start where ever needed.

These planets and points ( the nodes are points on the ecliptic) meet at the 29th degree of the signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.  The final degree in a sign is considered karmic in nature. When this degree is activated it calls for a cleansing or a clearing up of some significant matter which may have been unresolved to date. So it would be helpful for you to explore family or work related relationships at this time and clear up any unresolved issues in preparation for the new beginnings that Aries promises.

In summary, during the middle of the summer. Pluto and the Moon’s nodes will make a challenging aspect, supported by the Sun, that is  particularly suited to review and adjustment where needed in your life.


Blessings from Soulsong Astrology


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