Avesa Chrakra Balancing


Avesa Quantum Balancing: Is a method of energy healing which is dispersed through your chakra system. This is done by balancing the physical chakras and non-physical chakras with the higher heart. It facilitates a greater connection with your whole being. Restoration, clarity, and heightened awareness of your soul’s being result.

It is approximately a 45 minute . It is a non-touch method that involves you laying comfortably on a treatment table. The chakras are balanced using vibrationally attuned pyramids and rods. I may also be guided to add sound, crystals and other healing items. It is not uncommon for people to fall into a sleep like trance state during the process. A state of well being and expanded awareness is commonly experienced. Often I receive visionary messages. during a session which I am happy to share with you afterwards.

45-60 min. $75 (in person only)

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