Solar Eclipse in Libra



‘Ring of Fire’ Rebirth: Oct. 14th 2023 


Warm greetings to everyone!

It’s eclipse season once again, and this time it starts off with a spectacular annular solar eclipse also known as the ‘ Ring of Fire’ on Oct. 14.  It gains this name because the moon is currently so far away from the earth that it does not completely cover the sun thus causing a fiery rim effect.  Eclipses have long been regarded as significant cosmic events that engage fate and propel us into uncharted territories. In the past they were feared due to the unexpected darkening of the sun’s light. In modern times they are recognized as having an intense transformational quality which marks a pivotal moment in your destiny. The energies of this eclipse will continue to build for months to come, leaving a lasting impact. And if the eclipse (Libra 21 degrees) falls close to a planet or angle in your chart, get ready for an even stronger impact on your life!

 Among the celestial phenomena unfolding is a configuration known as a Yod or the ‘Finger of God.’  This is an uncommon aspect involving multiple planets which serves as a catalyst to bring about a crises in your self-awareness. Its purpose is to redefine and re-align you with your destiny. So then, what might this configuration mean for you?

In the coming weeks, be prepared for unforeseen twists in your pathway that may cause disruptions. However this can ultimately lead you into a new and more purposeful direction. Yods work by pushing forward new ways of expressing your self that you didn’t realize you had within you. Embrace the course corrections that may surface in the coming weeks and trust in the process. This is the path now for finding harmony and a truer alignment with your destiny.

Eclipses are always aligned with the Moon’s nodes which are points on the ecliptic and are directly connected to our personal and collective destinies. There are two nodes and they are always in opposition to each other. Currently they are in the signs of Libra and Aries.

Eris, the dwarf planet and the warring sister of Mars is also at the same degree as the North node in Aries. Her position acts as trigger to help release the Yod’s energy. To add to this potent mix, Chiron, the wounded healer, is also close to Eris. Chiron adds depth in the healing process but one must be willing to look at the unpleasantness or pain in any current situations. The sign of Aries represents new beginnings, decisive action and self interest.

As the eclipse occurs in the sign of Libra which governs relationships, justice, balance, and fair play, this points to the crucial need for readjustment in any key relationships or unjust/imbalanced situations that may be hindering your self-awareness and progress. By doing so, you can step into a greater sense of awareness and embark on the new pathway that is promised.

It is also worth noting that there has been and will continue be until the end of the year an ongoing Pluto square to the Moon’s Nodes. In Evolutionary astrology this combination points to a ’missed step’ in you soul’s journey that needs rectification at this time. Leaving no doubt that the times are indeed, changing!

 Whether you perceive the eclipse energy brewing within or witness its effects in terms of external events, it holds a significant promise for the months ahead. Embrace the shifts and transformations it brings, for they are an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. This eclipse season offers a chance to align yourself with your purpose and create a life that resonates with your soul’s desires. Trust the process and allow the universe to guide you towards a more fulfilling and harmonious existence.

Blessings from Gwenyth


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Is an evolutionary astrologer, energy healer and visual artist living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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