Saturn in Pisces

March 7 2023 – Feb. 13 2026

Matter Engages Spirit


On March 7th of 2023 Saturn, the planet of karma and accomplishment entered Pisces ,the last sign of the zodiac. Saturn is known as the tough task master in astrology.  It’s all about structure and psychological maturation.  Its function is to bring ideas and concepts into material form.  It slows down movement and change to fit where one is in most need of a conscious evolutionary upgrade. But with Saturn the pathway for true accomplishment is not likely to be an easy one.

Saturn in Pisces dreaming womanWhere ever Saturn shows up delays and frustration often follow.  So what might that mean for its two year plus passage through the sign of dreamy other worldly Pisces?

Pisces, being the last of the twelve signs in the zodiac is associated with retreat from the outside world, compassion, spirituality and inspirational vision. Being a non-physical kind of energy, in its negative form confusion, delusion, escapism and slowly dissolving circumstances can easily follow.

Pisces energy can be at odds with the practical earthy nature of Saturn. They are in many ways at opposite ends of the pole. During its two year plus journey through this sign you will be called to adjust to the more sensitive, other worldly side of life.   It’s time to take a good hard look at your dreams and visions for the future. Ask yourself what  you need to change to become a more compassionate, spiritually sensitive individual? Do you have creative visions that you would like to develop into reality? Learning during this time may likely focus on an emotional and soul level.

With disciplined effort to clean out the old and allow the new to enter a more evolved  you will take form.  For each individual this will take place in the house(s) Pisces is contained within your birth chart. When Saturn passes through a house re- examination and hard work will likely be required in the areas that the house(s) rule in your life. You can take comfort in knowing that the changes that come about through Saturn transits are of a permanent and lasting nature. So reflect and choose where you can best move into the next tier of your conscious development.


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