Scorpio New Moon Revelations and Change

Scorpio New Moon revelations and change. Get ready for an action-packed month ahead.This month’s powerful alignment takes place at 20 degrees 43 minutes Scorpio.  Infusing us with the strong-willed and transformational energy of this forceful sign. The Sun and Moon alignment are joined by Mars, the planet of confrontation and pioneering actions, and Ceres, the symbol of nourishment and transformation. Together, they set the stage for deep introspection and significant shifts in the weeks to come. If you have planets in your chart that are near this degree of the Zodiac you will definitely feel the impact of this New Moon.

Greater truth through unexpected challenges

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You may need to brace yourself for unexpected surprises this month. These planets are all in in opposition to revolutionary and unpredictable Uranus. Challenges to the status quo will force you to adapt and embrace a change in perspective on some important front. Amidst this restless and changeable dynamic, Lilith, the guardian of truth and authenticity, is  challenging all these planets with her powerful presence. So get ready for unexpected twists and turns that will demand adaptability and a change in mindset as you seek greater truths and navigate uncharted territories in the weeks to come.

Uranus, is the gate keeper to higher awareness and perception. Its energies will play a crucial role in propelling you towards higher ground.  Multiple oppositions in this Scorpio New Moon chart indicate a need for flexibility and quick action. Resistance and uncertainty from others can disrupt your plans with unexpected challenges. Take it as a sign that a course correction is necessary!

Support and enlightened perspectives

Fortunately, Neptune and Pluto offer their support  providing refined and enlightened perspectives if you’re willing to go deep. While Lilith, who is challenging all the players in this cosmic line up, is ensuring that falsehoods are exposed even if it may seem to come at a some personal cost. Carefully assess obstacles, scrutinize intricacies and read the fine print before committing. Your vigilance will be crucial.

Opportunities for healing and empowerment

As you navigate this transformative month, positive connections to Chiron, the wounded healer, Eris, the warrior goddess, and the North Node, the path of soul growth, offer opportunities for healing and empowerment. Making this a powerful and transformative time indeed.

In summary, get ready for a dynamic and transformative month ahead. The Scorpio New Moon offers revelations and change via introspection, flexibility, unexpected twists and turns on your pathway and a call to embrace your deepest truths. Stay adaptable, seek authenticity, and make conscious choices that align with your deepest desires. This month holds immense potential for personal growth and transformation – embrace it with open arms.


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