• Lave flow 'new beginnings'

    The Moon’s Nodes move into Aries & Libra

     Jul. 17 2023- Jan. 12 2025          New Pathways and Justice Revealed        On July 18 2023 the transiting Moon’s nodes enter into the signs of Aries (north node) and Libra ( south node) where they will be for the next 18 months. The nodes are points on the ecliptic where the Sun and Moon cross paths.  They are always exactly opposite from each other and always move backwards through the zodiac. Where ever the north node is located indicates where new growth and rapid evolutionary development is best directed.  Where ever the south node is located is the release point of old patterns that…

  • new earth cracking open

    Pluto in Aquarius

    March 23 2023 – June 11 2023  Jan 20 2023 – Sep 1 2024  Nov. 19 2024 – Jan 19 2044   A Dramatic New Era for Planet Earth   On March 23rd of this year 2023, Pluto started is twenty year plus journey through the sign of Aquarius. Something it does only every 238 years!  So this has got to be important. I guarantee you! Although it initially stays there only until June 11th when it retrogrades back into Capricorn for a few months, we are in the beginning of what will become  one of the significant energy shifts into the new age. Like the social turbulence of the…

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