” The first time I received a reading from Gwenyth it was as if every cell in my body had a sign of relief. It was validation for what intuitively I knew all along but could not acknowledge because to my mind it did not make logical sense. The accumulated tension from this inner conflict was immediately released. I felt at ease and at peace with what I knew to be true to my experience. Thank you Gwenyth for your wisdom and honouring my sacred process unfolding….my perception is shifted in a positive direction with your input.”

Akua Hinda BHSc. Midw.


” Gwenyth is a very welcoming person and has a profound understanding of astrology that was evident from the start of reading.  Her ability to interpret the intricacies of my birth chart and especially the transitions going on was very impressive. The planetary placements, aspects, and transits were analyzed with clarity.  She offered thoughtful insights into my personality, the deeper self, and what the future may bring.

In addition, she created a safe and open space for discussion, encouraging me to ask questions and explore areas of my chart that resonated most deeply with me.  Her sympathetic demeanor and genuine passion for astrology made me feel heard, understood, and supported throughout the entire consultation. ”

Matt Zenkowich 


“I’ve had several readings from Gwenyth and she has been my go-to person over the years whenever I needed some insight or clarity, especially during challenging times. She immediately draws on her extensive background of energy healing, intuitive gifts, and evolutionary astrology to pinpoint exactly what is really going on and what can be done to best navigate next steps. Gwenyth has. been a huge support in my healing journey and I would recommend her to anyone seeking guidance on aligning their soul path.”

Jennifer Regular, Spiritual Wellness Consultant


“Clarity, solace and encouragement is what Gwenyth’s readings have given me in the past few years, with many challenging events that left me confused and adrift.  Thank you so very much, you are a treasure.”

Karen Schlote


“During the time I asked for a reading, I was truly perplexed about various aspects that were playing out before me.  Navigating the energy was utterly depleting, plus I had doubts about what I felt my options were.  Having the reading with Gwenyth, and then re-listening to it afterwards allowed me to intuitively sort out each issue with a new thought that encompassed my belief that “everything is happening as it should”. Also, that  the things which were being destroyed or dismantled, were occuring so that I could rebuild things in a higher and more loving manner”  (More loving towards me as well as towards the others around me).

“Astrology supplies us with symbolism, metaphors and context. Each planet influences our charts differently and within differing houses.  I feel fortunate that Gwenyth is able to provide context – or translate my chart – so I can add my own intuitive reflections to what she teaches me.  It is a team effort. It doesn’t come quickly.  I needed time to process what she taught me.  And I am very thankful that people like Gwenyth are here to help us make sense of what appears unfathomable. 
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Laura Luz M.A.  CFM,  R.P., MTC., RCS
Therapy, Guidance and Counselling


“I’m so amazed at the depth of your reading. That is so helpful at the cross road I am experiencing. I will read it a number of times and digest it as much as I can. What an incredible gift you have! What surprised me is the depth of the reading and knowing so little about me. Thanks again.”

Alphonse Bouchard


“Thank you Gwenyth for the astrological reading. Your reading’s insight offered explanations for how my life has unfolded and why things continue to happen. You were able to explain my chart in a way I could easily understand. This new information has given me the opportunity to change some things with confidence. I am grateful to you for offering yourself so lovingly.”

Leslie Peers


” You have hit the nail on the head and have given me a good deal to process. Thank you so much. This is a great tool to take on my journey during this time. I look forward to the growth.”

Geri H.


” I recently had my birth chart prepared by Gwenyth. What was amazing to me was how much of my life was laid out for me on the date of my birth. From relationships, strengths and challenges to general trends for my generation. My birth chart will continue to be a useful tool in understanding the many aspects of “me” and my relationship to the cosmos. Thank you Gwenyth.”

Joni Christman


” I can’t thank you enough for this insight into both Cameron’s arrival & spiritual being as well as my own. I will keep your blessings & insights close as she grows up to help remind me of what a special little one I have. Thank you so much, this means the world to me.”

Leanne Burrard


” All I can say is WOW! You definitely  hit the nail on the head with this information! I understand and agree with all you have said, It makes total sense to me. I am glad to know from your reading that I can move forward to develop my own style. I am happy and more optimistic about my future in this regard. I know my silence is to help me look within right now. Thank you again for everything!”

Nancy Boukner


” I have read the reading every night since I got it. I sit down for and hour or two and pore over it. I am really quite amazed! I had no idea it could be so resonate.  Thank you Gwenyth! “

John P. Gibson


“Thank you very much for reading my chart, it’s really confirming! It was also very helpful to hear about my ‘life mission’ being healing.
“I had an interesting night, lots of anxieties, possibly old templates leaving, I wish so. Thanks again.”

Myriam Thomachot


” I am almost speechless. This is an awesome ability you have. All of this is very inspirational for me. Mega-Quantum- Thanks.”

Marshall Massena


“Thank you so much for the reading.  Lots of food for thought. and it was helpful in understanding the challenges I’ve been going through last year and this.”

Linda Evans


Energy Healing


” I received several treatments of Pellowah and Avesa balancing with Gwenyth. I found the treatments to be positive and self empowering for me. During the sessions I felt a lot of energy moving and blockages being released. I’m convinced Gwenyth’s treatments helped me through a very challenging life transition. Her shared insights as a seer and an astrologer were also very much appreciated.

She helped me make sense of what was happening in my life at the time. I would highly recommend Gwenyth as a genuinely dedicated and compassionate healer.”

Kavie Love


” Avesa is a beautiful treatment and very powerful. It opened doors for me to connect and remember my true authentic self. It led the way for me to have a deeper understanding of why I am here and my purpose in this life. What a magical experience!

Thank you Gwenyth. It truly changed my life!”

Christine Wood


“As a gifted healer Gwenyth offers me a supportive and sacred environment to receive my deepest healing and awakening. AVESA balancing’s have created openings and hearings within me that have moved me forward in every area of my life. Regular sessions with Gwenyth keep the doorways to change and uplift meant wide open. ”

Leslie Peers


“I discovered Gwenyth when I searched energy healers on Salt Spring Island. Given her years of experience and history as an RN, I was open to giving it a shot. I’m glad I did. The space was welcoming and I felt comfortable right away. I had never experienced an Avesa healing before this, found it not only calming, but cleansing. When I got up after my session, I felt a little lightheaded as there was a palpable energetic shift. It was nice to relax a little afterwards while speaking with Gwenyth, as she provided ample insight and clarity to what came up during my session. It was enlightening and profound. I recommend anyone even curious about Avesa healing to visit Gwenyth. You will get what you need.

Thanks for everything Gwenyth.”

Michelle Doyle

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Soulsong Astrology Newsletter!

I'd love to keep you updated with the latest astrological news!

We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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