Venus Retrograde

July 24 2023 – Sept. 4 2023

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On July 24th Venus will begin its retrograde motion in the sign of Leo. This can be a helpful time for introspection and reassessment of personal needs, as well as completing unfinished creative projects and deepening important relationships. It’s always important to listen to your inner voice and eliminate anything that no longer serves your growth and development. Use this time to reflect, adapt and reorganize your life in a way that brings greater balance and harmony.

Venus retrograde

Specific to the chart of this retrograde Venus is a Yod configuration to Venus with the base planets of Pluto and Neptune as part of it.

The Yod aspect calls for clear focus on any obstacles or hindrances that may be impeding your progress, especially in the areas that Venus rules and in the houses where Leo and Aquarius are placed in your chart.

While this aspect may create imbalances and possibly even a crisis of self-awareness, if used effectively, it can lead to a significant reorganization that can positively impact your important relationships, creative projects, finances, and the things that you value. It’s important to stay grounded and focused during this time, and to use this period as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

However it is not time to implement any real changes in your life. When Venus goes direct your perspective may once again shift. September will see a vibrational change when Venus goes direct  making it a better time to move forward on the changes you’d like to make.


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